Bad Credit Loans in Oregon

How do these work?

A bad credit loan offers a fast, simple loan that utilizes your auto title as collateral. You give over your auto title to use in return for the money you want. Once you pay off your money, you receive your title back.

Where do I begin?

You should begin with filling out our form. Get a pre-approval total sent to your phone after filling out a easy application with us this second! Then, one of our customer service representatives will reach out to you and continue the application process, so wait by your telephone!

How does receiving a bad credit loan work?

Fill out the application and get your pre-approval amount. Chat with our customer service personnel to find the best loan solutions. Spend your funds!

Would I still be able to drive my car during the loan process?

Of course! Once you get a bad credit loan, you can continue to drive your car throughout the complete length of your loan.

Is my credit history important?

Don't fear your credit history! Even if you've had financial blemishes or if you have low credit now, you can still easily get a bad credit loan through our company.

Can I pay off my loan sooner?

Yes, you can pay your loan off ahead of schedule. Oregon Bad Credit Loans won't penalize you if you have the funds to pay your money back early.

What if I want a loan for less than the minimum?

If you want a small loan, and the minimum amount is too big for you, then you could just take the minimum and repay the money that you don't want. Then, you are getting rid of most of your loan nearly immediately.

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